• Chickens

    You should be, this gets scary…

    or funny

    or crazy

    or meaningful…

    It’s up to you, and quite frankly, I can’t expect you to sign up for The Unforgettable Challenge just because you are reading this page.  Chickens usually sit on the bench for a long time, if they do anything at all.

    What can you expect if your life’s experience informs you that risking doing something like this will only set you back some more, somehow?

    So, I’ll take this opportunity to not be delicate with you and not speak gingerly to you in safe ways and tender tones.

    Look friend,you are going to die one day.  I’ll betcha that if you get there and have stayed chicken until then, you’ll have a heap load of regret to feel and face.

    Doesn’t matter, because if you’ve been a chicken all your life, you’re almost dead anyway, if you aren’t already crippled by fear.

    But we don’t buy it here at The Unforgettable Challenge!

    We don’t let you get away with having fear chain your decisions and actions.

    We yank you through because we’ve been there.Every last one of us has been a coward at one time or another.We know fear because we have made friends with it,and we will get you to make friends with your fears.

    And you’ll get a pretty intense impression of how to overcome your fears and live free of their constraining power.

    It’s always easy at the end, when you take a stand starting now.

    It remains difficult till the end when you don’t.

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