• Educators Influencers of Youth

    Martial Arts classes are too safe,yes, we said it, too safe.

    So, any budget blown on stuff that makes you feel you at least did something is a waste of money and time.

    It’s dangerous too, as training our youth unreal things prepares them for quick failure when push comes to shove…

    It’s true the young ones must be kept safe for many obvious and important reasons,but can that be done without sacrificing gain in true ability if danger hits the fan?

    Don’t mean to get under your skin and almighty now,but it’s our duty you know, so let’s do it right,keep it safe and challenging enough to set them straight and give them a backbone.

    Join us by reaching out and let’s get this to your kids now.

    We’ll make it fun and easy for everyone.  They’ll talk about it all year and their character will shift for the better.

    It’s been said that attitude equals altitude – Let’s give these young ones some attitude building so they develop a bird’s eye view of the mundane.

    It’s our dream to make this happen for your kids.

    Call The Unforgettable Challenge enrollment team leader Carollyne 1-778-999-5359

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