• Leadership Training

    “If given the opportunity to lead…Lead!”

    That’s a way of Life, not a course name or an ideal.  Yes, it’s a way of Life!

    This is what we mean by leaders…

    • people who are firm enough to step up when called for
    • people who take up for others when called for
    • people who navigate thick and thin, with presence, claim and penetration
    • people who are supple enough to invite, surrender and truly express

    Our League of Leaders lead by example – it’s big shoulders and big shoes to fill, but somebody’s gotta do it!

    And by doing it, we mean knowing what you stand for, inspiring others powerfully and pragmatically, and challenging yourself and others to extreme standards.

    That’s the tip of the iceberg on our Trainer’s Training – TUC Leadership League.

    We train you to do what we do – and that’s no small thing…

    Apply cautiously, recklessly.


    Our Creed…

    I would rather see an example than hear one any day,

    I would rather one could walk with me than merely tell the way,

    For the eyes are better pupils

    More willing than the ears.

    Fine counsel is confusing, yet example is always clear.

    I can watch your hands in action, yet your tongue to fast may run,

    I can soon learn how to do it, if only I see it done.

    For best of all, the Leaders are the ones who live their creed,

    For seeing good in action is what everybody needs.

    I may misunderstand you and high advice you give,

    Yet there’s no misunderstanding of how you act and how you live.

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