• Tough Mudder and Other Challange enthusiasts

    You may be wondering what’s different about The Unforgettable Challenge…

    First of all, it’s not primarily a physical challenge, although that’s there too.  It’s a totally different kind of beast.

    Straight up, if it’s primarily a physical challenge you want, then Mudder is one of our first picks.

    Why?  Because all our Leaders are in line, or have participated in, Tough Mudder – because we believe in the power of cross training with other progressive outfits.

    It’s limiting to think you know everything and have done it all.

    The Unforgettable Challenge is where the obstacles come to you, rather than you arriving at them.

    Rather than climbing hills, you’ll be digging deeper.

    Rather than electrify you, we get you to jump start your engine.

    Rather than training for the finish line, you’ll be ready to start fresh.

    Best of all, after The Unforgettable Challenge, you’ve earned the right to know you’ve accomplished yet another milestone.  That’s got to feel real good, doesn’t it?

    So, we say drop comparing if you can, because if you come with your glass already full you may get nothing new, yet if you come with an empty cup, it can be filled.

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