• WarriorSage presents…….. . . The Unforgettable Challenge
    Let’s cut to the chase -
    You will most likely never be challenged like this experience! It doesn't matter if you are a teenager, a seasoned veteran of life, a Navy Seal, Shaolin Monk or a Grandmother of 18 grandchildren You can count on this for the rest of your life… And you will never forget it!
  • Bring The Unforgettable Challenge to your backyard

    Time wasters – please visit another page…
    Big talkers – please spend your energy honing actions…
    Get things done, get things happening, get on the phones and gather your circle effectively – this type of person… now we’re talking 😉

    • You’ve gone through it so you know it’s value
    • You are inspired to bring this to your area

    Let’s get real, and if you can manage these steps then let’s talk, we want to make it happen – seriously – for you and your circle, town, city, organization, club, team, etc.

    • We need you to gather a minimum of 50 of your folks to make it a go.
    • An indoor or outdoor place that can hold 50 comfortably with what we are up to.
    • A high quality amplifier system for our Leaders mics and music.
    • Some other smaller things we can get into later.
    • Down south hospitality for our hard working Leaders and hot tub access for obvious reasons.

    We’ll help you with communication stuff, but quite frankly, what can you say on paper or digital that conveys The Unforgettable Challenge?
    It’s going to have to be your gumption and elbow grease, and speaking from your heart fully, to galvanize a real event day.
    If you have that gumption and action capacity and readiness then lets team up and get the ball rolling.

    Contact Us to start the ball rolling 1-778-999-5359

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