• WarriorSage presents…….. . . The Unforgettable Challenge
    Let’s cut to the chase -
    You will most likely never be challenged like this experience! It doesn't matter if you are a teenager, a seasoned veteran of life, a Navy Seal, Shaolin Monk or a Grandmother of 18 grandchildren You can count on this for the rest of your life… And you will never forget it!
  • Testimonials

    Sarah Delaunay

    Awesome! Changed me forever and no other “experience” or “teacher” has yet to come close to what you gave me on that day. Should be mandatory for everyone on the planet! Thanks and much love.

    Jerry M. Jordan

    The Unforgettable Challenge is an amazing experience! It is still seared into my soul
    some 8 years later!

    Rachel Anne Prevost Manning

    The Unforgettable Challenge was one of the most profound experiences I’ve ever had. It was the pathway to discovery of who I am and what I’m made of. I had to dig deep, but when I reached the core of ME… I found a strength within that I didn’t know was there. Eternally grateful!

    Michael Lehrhaupt

    One of the most profound days of my life!

    Alexandra White

    The Unforgettable Challenge inspired me, enough in fact to meet my husband. It was at this event that I rose up out of my fear of who I was and realized that I was perfect even with all my imperfections. From that realization I attracted the man of my dreams, the one that has tested my strengths and, more than that, made me feel things that no one else has ever touched. Thank you WarriorSage for bringing this angel to me. I have such gratitude for the fact that he was Satyen’s student and somehow made it to the same place I was. This was the best choice I have made so far in my life! Anyone that may have the slight calling to try it definitely should take the plunge. It will change your life.

    Marc Meyer

    Highly recommended The Unforgettable Challenge to anyone, of any age, and any physical condition who wants to discover their inner strength (which is already there waiting for you to show up).

    Catherine Tkach

    I would tell the world about this event that truly was one of the most intense and rewarding of my life.

    OliveJoy Wolfe

    You will learn what you are made Of!!!!!!

    Ryan White

    It was a great experience. Enlightening in a diferent kind of way 🙂

    Linda Welch

    LOVE this – one of the more profound experiences of my life!!

    Linda Robinson

    My experience was that it challenged me physically, emotionally and mentally and pushed my edges- allowed me to reach in for strength that I didn’t know I had. Life altering in a very deep way.

    Lacy Atkinson

    I learned the omnipotence of Love. I had studied, taught about the
    power of love but not until I experienced an exercise in The Unforgettable Challenge did I really
    understand it.

    Hazel Hunter Dickson

    It has shown me facets of others I had never seen before. And
    gave me the experience of love beyond death.

    Jann Hopkins

    I did it and learned I am much more capable than I ever thought.
    Amazing experience – first time I was able to see what I’m really made of! Aho

    David Garnett-Bennett

    This single experience is with me every moment of every day since I did it… The Unforgettable Challenge brought me from fear of the unknown and always watching my back to true service through compassion and love. It is the single most important lesson I have ever learned, I am so thankful Satyen, my heart is open and all I see is the rainbow of love! I love everyone and every thing all the time, truly an enlightening experience! Words are but a small appetizer of the enlightening experience of The Unforgettable Challenge! Blessed Be All!

    Anna-Lena Shama Gustavsson

    This experience is the mystery of the unknown and the discovery of who you are at specific moments. It will take you deeper and quicker into a self discovery and how you handle life situations. I am dead serious! The most revealing experience I ever have had!

    Snezhana Timoshchuk

    Life changing!

    Aime Hutton

    Have you ever taken training that YOU were able to use to save your own life? This is exactly what took place for me back in 2007. I took The Unforgettable Challenge and dived into finding my own personal power, voice and strength. That was July of 2007. Almost six months to the day after that, I went through an experience of being sexually assaulted. Because of The Unforgettable Challenge that I took, I was able to find my power, voice, and inner strength and stop the situation from getting worse. If you want a kick in the ass to get you moving, to find your own voice, get to The Unforgettable Challenge. It might just save YOUR life!

    Kris Miernik

    I met Satyen 12 years ago and I decided to bring my daughter, who was 13 years old at the time to The Unforgettable Challenge. She said, “Why can’t I just have normal parents? Why can’t I just go to school and learn like my peers are doing? Why are you bringing me to this? I wanna go home now!!” I told her to just trust me.
    Now, my second daughter is 13 years old and I want her to experience The Unforgettable Challenge because I see how the experience changed my older daughter’s life totally. She has traveled the world, raised money, built hospitals and orphanages and done incredible things. Nothing could stop her – when she said she was going to do something, she did it!
    Now I am so happy to bring my younger daughter to The Unforgettable Challenge and offer her this same experience so she will be able to overcome any obstacles that come her way, with an open heart and love and understanding and compassion for family and the people around her.

    Mayra Hitchens

    I’ve been really stuck – paralyzed – with the thought of getting old and dying. Today at The Unforgettable Challenge, that disappeared. I have held back giving all of my heart because of that barrier and today it disappeared. I am now free to love and am committed to loving without expectation.

    Matt Anderson

    The Unforgettable Challenge was a remarkable experience!! Unbelievably successful – it has made me grow into all that I can be. Fantastic!

    Sonny Davis

    The Unforgettable Challenge has taught me that I don’t need anything – I don’t need my wheelchair. It’s just me, and I am enough.

    Erin Ahlen-Rooney

    The Unforgettable Challenge has moved me to step into my power. All my life I’ve taken a backseat and just sought more knowledge, studied and supported friends. Now I know its time for me to accept my own mastery and step into that, even though I’m scared.

    Anastasia Falkoner

    After doing The Unforgettable Challenge today, I realize I am a master and a warrior.

    Jon Williams

    When I was 11 years old, someone tried to drown me and for 14 years I haven’t been able to put my head under water. Today I have completed The Unforgettable Challenge, and I want to get a bucket so I can dunk my head right now!

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