• what is it?

    Let’s cut to the chase –
    You will most likely never be challenged like this experience!
    It doesn’t matter if you are a teenager, a seasoned veteran of life, a Navy Seal, Shaolin Monk or a Grandmother of 18 grandchildren You can count on this for the rest of your life…
    And you will never forget it! Because it’s so Soul stretching you just have to know it for your self.
    You’ll be challenged with mental, emotional and physical obstacles that draw out your best or expose your worst – your choice. And Yes! It’s loads of fun, but not the way you may think. You’re either going to think about it, or prove it to your self…

    Prove It To Your Self – Take The Challenge!

    Why take The Unforgettable Challenge? The Big Reasons…

    • It’s all about overcoming limitations – physical,mental, emotional and spiritual ones.
    • We are going to unleash the Warrior in you to…
      • Gain physical centeredness to overcome feelings of weakness
      • Eliminate feelings of insecurity,being unsafe or not safe enough
      • Speak your voice so you stand up and get counted when it counts most
      • Preserve your life and loved ones if – Lord forbid – you ever need to(and how to prevent that horror before it happens)
      • Kick any procrastination out of you once and for all
    • We are going to uncover your inner Sage(the wise one) which is the inherent wisdom you already have inside to…
      • Gain emotional sturdiness,equilibrium and balance so you can safely stay calm in any storm that comes your way
      • Fulfill that yearning to feel something deeper and you know it’s time to find it
      • Get back the self confidence you once had, but something along the way knocked you down and you want to get it back fast.In other words get your MOJO back!
      • You have strong confidence and wherewithal, but want to apply your power somewhere fruitful,meaningful with precision and follow-through.
      • You want to find the REAL You,the one who makes their own way without the over bearing,sticky influences of well meaning peers,family and old fashioned mindsets.  You want to make your own way, the way you want it, without compromise!

    You’ve got the main points, now the deeper stuff…

    Lets face it,most of us are living way too comfortably and are so removed from our primal power.We are bored with entertainment,our vices, predictable lifestyles and long term fidgetiness.

    The regular “go to” distractions just don’t cut it anymore.

    You may want to feel the exhilaration of being fully alive,at your edge,full in the heart and ready to meet life wide open.

    You may have never had that,or had it at one time and it slipped away.

    Over the course of a day,you will go through a mental,emotional and physical challenge that will bring out your best – or expose your worst…your choice!

    What we are here to ensure is that you succeed in your choice all the way!

    Life can throw all types of curve balls, and preserving your self is your first response.

    The problem is feeling threatened, freezing up,being shut down,collapsing in fear and defeat.

    We believe that the qualities needed to face these obstacles are not tested,challenged,honed,claimed, activated enough, therefore leaving the strongest part of yourself limp and in the dusty bookshelf of potential.

    That’s why we provide you an Unforgettable Challenge that will…

    • Test you with harsh reality so you know how to preserve yourself for real with any potential threats to your life or families.
    • Challenge you with intensity so you get real honest about things.
    • Hone your power so you walk with calm confidence.
    • Claim your significance so we all are better off for it.
    • Activate your talents so you live a satisfying,rewarding,fulfilling life.

    These qualities and more, utilized fully are what you’ll realize for yourself.

    And that’s what we intend to have you know, without a doubt, lives healthily with you now.

    Someone may have told you something about The Unforgettable Challenge.  Whatever that is, it probably doesn’t come even close to what you can “expect”,so leave all expectations at the door and come as you are – how you would be on any given day.  You need to bring some stuff and we’ll let you know what that is after you sign up.

    There’s nothing you can do to prepare for this so don’t bother… and our lips are sealed, so whatever info you find here is it.  (Some things you can’t talk your way out of, or into.)

    And the best part of all is the connections you’ll make and the camaraderie with new and old friends that will stay for a lifetime.

    And in the evening…

    • We’ll celebrate our victories!
    • We’ll laugh away our heaviness!
    • We’ll party in abandon!

    Besides it’s not The Unforgettable Challenge without tons of fun and spoils for the Victorious  😉

    You are either going to think about it some more, or prove it for yourself…

    Stop thinking about it…

    Sign Up and prove it to your self

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